Welcome to the Telecom and Wireless Sensing (TelWiSe) Group!

Today, Wireless communications and Wireless Sensing use Signal Processing techniques that are quite similar and employ waveforms and systems design approaches that can wisely borrow from the best practises in both these areas. The TelWiSe group at IIT Madras has more than two dozen research scholars and project staff working on cutting-edge R&D related to signal processing for broadband communications and distributed RF sensing including multi-static radar signal processing. We also design Custom Air-Interfaces for Strategic Applications and develop proof of concept hardware demonstrators by working closely with industry and research labs. Explore this website to learn more about our exciting research activities and recent funded projects.
Our Team

தொட்டனைத் தூறு மணற்கேணி மாந்தர்க்குக்
கற்றனைத் தூறும் அறிவு.

-திருவள்ளுவர் (Thiruvalluvar)

"The deeper a well is dug, the more the water that springs; the more one learns, the more the wisdom it brings."