Shortlist for test/interview [MS/PhD - JAN 2023]

The interviews will be held online. The MS/PhD interviews will be held in the one week period from 14th to 18th November 2022. The interview schedule for each candidate will be communicated by the respective stream coordinators.

For online interviews, the candidate will be asked to connect on an online platform such as Google meet. Shortlisted candidates should test the software on their laptop or mobile devices and ensure that it works satisfactorily before the interview. Further instructions on the interview and the schedule will be communicated by the individual streams.

All shortlisted candidates have been asked to fill out an acknowledgment form with some application data and their ability to attend online interviews. Please fill out the form by the date specified in the call letter. All candidates who filled out the acknowledgment form will be contacted by the stream coordinators about further details and the interview schedule. If you have been shortlisted(list below), but have not received such an email, you can contact the EE dept. office.

In case you have filled in multiple times to the same programme, the last received application has been considered. Please use only the application number given on the call letter for the acknowledgment and all further correspondence.

Due to the large number of shortlisted candidates, EE1, EE2, EE3, EE4,EE6 and EE7 will interview those candidates whose first choice is the respective stream. EE5 will interview shortlisted PhD and Direct PhD candidates whose first choice is EE5 and shortlisted MS candidates whose first or second choice is EE5. In the latter case, you will receive two call letters and you are required to separately acknowledge both of them. 

Note for stream EE10 : Without choice you have submitted the application. Now please select your stream from Google form which is sent to your mail ID

Please keep track of your email regularly from now till the end of interviews as all communication will be through email. Ensure that you use the same email address as the one in the application form for all correspondence. That is the email on record with the department.